kyleeers (kyleeers) wrote in yabuhika,

[Fic] 5 Times Hikaru "cured" Yabu

Title: 5 Times Hikaru ‘cured’ Yabu

Author kyleeers

Pairing:  YabuHika

Rating: G

Genre: fluff, romance

Beta by  kamerei

Summary: Whenever he’s tired, Hikaru never fails to make him feel better.

A/N: It’s my first time writing a YabuHika fic lol xD I hope I managed to make them in character :D Fic plot was inspired by Hey! Say! Best’s guesting in SC last Jan 17, 2010. And oh, I’m not really sure about the story in Johnny’s World :P I just based it on the photos that I saw~

I want to have more of you Hikaru, Yabu cheekily thought.

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction, yabu kota, yaotome hikaru
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